Their first meeting took place in the Porto Fino café in Tunis, with Adenov, Aymen Mbarek, Chakib Daoud, Needhal Ghariani, Seifeddine Nechi, Zied Mejri and Noha Habaieb.

They discussed their desire to create an adult comic book magazine, where they can express themselves without restraint and explore new graphic styles.

Each of them proposed a name for the magazine, and they voted for: “Lab619.” . Lab as laboratory and 619 as the first three digits of the bar code found on Tunisian commercial products.

The Lab619 was born.

The first issue was released on March 9, 2013. Since there, their meetings have continued for a long time in this cafe, some have left but new ones have come. Like a little child, the Lab has grown, evolved. He made his first steps, with difficulty, but he knew how to hold on.

He is six and a half today and 10 beautiful numbers, each issue is a story, and it is thanks to all those little hands that have drawn, written, coordinated that the Lab is still there.

Long live Lab619 !


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