Raconter une véritable histoire (d’amour)

Photo d'enfance de Ines artforness

The love for art is the foundation of this project.
The Art For Ness project, which you translate as ``art for all`` is born from the desire to link artistic projects to everyday life’s objects such as clothing, print art, Tote bags, ... Works of art will be printed using different methods: screen printing, risography or inkjet printing in limited edition.
Illustrators, designers, graphic designers and creators, from Morocco to Syria, will be put into the limelight.
The goal of Art For Ness is summed up in a few words: enhance the strength and the beauty of selected illustrations through supports of quality at a fair price.
Being part of an eco-friendly and ethical approach, Art For Ness focus on quality, variety, and of course, respect of client wishes.

How it all began?
It is a story of passion for tails, imagination, novels, drawings, … the imaginary under all its forms: books, comics, mangas, animations such as video games or motion pictures. Thus, I could not help but look out for treasures produced in Tunisia, my home country and spread to the Arab world and the Middle East.
It seemed so natural to share my discoveries with you!

Image de Ines artforness
BD d'afrique du nord et du moyen orient artforness

Whether passionate or amateur, Art For Ness fans and customers will have access to a global offer:
Promotion of qualitative objects and on regular basis entries will be published on social networks and websites. These articles will develop the story of artists, used graphic methods, events organized everywhere in France, Europe and the Mena region.
The work of the artists will be broadcast in the most beautiful way! Art For Ness, Use the object to give life to Art

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