Jawher Soudani

Jawher Soudani aka Vajo, street artist and graphic designer, born in 1989 in Gabès, Tunisia.

He worked on a variety of national and international performances, he is also one of the creators of the “Lablabi Store”, a clothing brand, and the main actor of the film “The last of us “. Through his many activities, he has been able to practice and improve techniques such as: aerosol, collage painting, etc. and address different sectors of activity: street-art, fashion, visual art.

This wide-ranging artist travelled the world through his participation in cultural exchange programs: Senegal (Festi Graff) in 2012, Jordan (Rise up international) in 2013, United States (Rise up International) in 2013, France ( Graffiti Tounsi) in 2014 and Danmark (SMUKIFICERING) in 2015.


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