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icône carte cadeau de couleur blanche

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Art For Ness is more than a gallery!

It is above all a way for you to discover illustrators from North Africa and the Middle East, allowing you to enrich your offer and to make your customers discover quality cultural products.
We are present in Tunisia, Belgium, France and soon Dubai. Our objective is to create a synergy between the different countries in order to create new synergies.

With us you will open a colorful door, different and exotic.more than art is a means of discovery, travel and cultural enrichment.a way to bring art and culture in everyday life.

All this by using technology and digitalization of processes and building a real physical bridge between the two sides of the Mediterranean.

Notebook Maamoul, Nada Amro


Nada Amro

Notebook Daughters Of The Nile, twins cartoons

Daughters of the Nile

Twins Cartoons

Notebook Fenjan, twins cartoons


Nada Amro

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Notebooks, Twins Cartoons, Nada Amro

Arab World Institute


Parisian cultural institute dedicated to the Arab world.

Lagrange Brussels

Lagrange Point Brussels


An international cultural center and bookstore café, with an Arabic identity, a place for literature, music, art, films, events and public conversations.

Those who trust us

The Arab World Institute

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The Institut du Monde Arabe is a well known and recognized place of culture, which does a lot of work to make artists of all kinds shine. It is a great pleasure for us to be able to collaborate with such a creative entity and supporter of cultural efforts.

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Logo un moment chez mémé

Un moment Chez Mémé

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Un moment chez Mémé is a friendly bookstore-cafe located in the heart of the Saint-Basile district in Mougins. It is a cultural place out of time that hosts a general bookstore, activities and conferences for young and old.

Lagrange Point Brussels

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Lagrange Points promotes and celebrates the diversity of creativity and innovation in Arab culture, in Brussels, in the Arab world and beyond.

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