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Exhibition Movement

A series of artistic events organized by our online gallery

The exhibition


At ArtForNess, the notion of movement makes a return to the origin of things, a return to the first definition of the term. ⁠Who says movement, says the action of moving, changing places, modifying one’s position or state of mind.⁠ With the introduction of new art mediums, within our gallery, such as painting and photography, “Movement” seems to be the most adequate term to describe this openness.⁠
The organization of the Studio Stroll series is an opportunity for our partner artists to share with you a moment of creative intimacy by lifting the veil on their studio.


A series of events


Art is emotion

Because the artist’s studio is where the creative process takes place. Thoughts, ideas, feelings and doing are intertwined every day creating works. This mythical and intimate space of the artist so often concealed from the eyes of the spectators.


The works of the movement


Some movement

The works dedicated to the occasion are revealed in front of us and will be available later on our online gallery. Faithful to our “geographical diversity” in the “MENA region” and to the movement from one place to another, we have chosen three artists of different nationalities. They are Dorra Mahjoubi (TN), Nadia Mounier (EG) and Mejda Ben (DZ): Women artists on the move, with their multiple roles as activists, mothers, teachers and others.

Each of them is currently making a major move in their artistic life: either by devoting themselves to a therapeutic practice of art, or by exploring forgotten methods of practicing painting or even by simply exploring the places of movement of women in their country. They are different, compared to what they offer to our eyes, but they are also different in the difference of the workshops.

Our Partner Artists

Share with you a moment of creative intimacy

Nadia Mounier

photographer artist

Nadia Mounier’s studio is not necessarily “four walls and a window”. He is nothing but an oscillation between his private space and the public space. Her photographs reveal to us the woman with her multiple hats. She does investigative work on the question of women in the public space. Through shots on the roofs of buildings in her country, she immerses us in a unique universe.

Dorra Mahjoubi


Dorra Mahjoubi’s workshop is a nomadic office, between Tunisia, France and Morocco. This time, she welcomes us to her Parisian studio. She unveils her new project: Supports Sensibles. For a journey through time, Dorra revisits a Renaissance technique which is Tempera and the negative of old family photos.

Mejda Ben


Finally, the workshop of Mejda Ben, specialist in art therapy, is a space in which we find the painting of the easel. The Orient is omnipresent through the arabesques. The characters she often draws do not have features. In this specific universe, she succeeded in bringing the colors and the light of Algiers back to her Parisian studio.

Artists’ works

At ArtForNess

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Workshop visits

Art For Ness invites you to review the workshops of the exhibition Movement